What Does Clay for Kids Do?

Clay for Kids brings its studio to you! We offer a number of different ceramic and glass fusion sessions for people of all ages. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a creative addition to your curriculum, a parent trying to organize a birthday party, or just someone looking to schedule a fun event with some friends, Clay for Kids will be there to help you get creative!

Is Clay for Kids Just For Kids?

Absolutely not!  Clay for Kids began primarily as an art program for children, but over time has grown to be a full-fledged mobile art studio catering to people of all ages.  As we like to say, we work with anyone between ages 4 and 104! (please contact us for special arrangements if you and your group of friends are older than 104)

What Is Glass Fusion?

Glass fusion is the process of joining pieces of glass. At very high temperatures, glass pieces become soft and can be joined together. This process can make creative and artistic ideas come to life in a myriad of dazzling ways.
Clay for Kids offers glass fusion projects alongside our regular clay projects.

What Birthday Party Packages Are Available?

Clay for Kids is proud to offer 6 different birthday party packages for you to choose from.  Please see the Birthdays page for more detailed information on each of the available sessions.

What Can I Expect When I Book With Clay for Kids?

Depending on the type of session you choose, one of our instructors will come on-site to deliver a unique, hands-on experience ranging anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.  We supply all the materials for the project, including aprons and table cloths.  If you have chosen either a clay or glass fusion session, we will take the projects back to our studio to be fired in one of our own kilns.  After the firing is done we return the completed projects back to you within three weeks.

Does It Get Messy?

Working with clay can be a little messy and your hands will get dirty.  Not to worry!  We bring plastic table covers and aprons for everyone.  We make sure any mess is cleaned up before we leave.

Does Clay for Kids Have A Studio We Can Come To?

We are a mobile studio! We will come to you.

Why Does It Take 3 Weeks To Get Our Projects Back?

When clay is heated at very high temperatures, it transforms into ceramic.  The first time this is done is called the “bisque firing”.  Clay needs to be bone dry before it can be placed into the kiln for the bisque firing, otherwise the moisture may turn into steam which could damage the project.  To reduce the risk of damage, we allow between 1 – 2 weeks for the project to air dry before we do the firing.


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To celebrate art, develop new artists, and bring a fun clay and glass fusion experience to people of all ages.

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