Kelly Edmondson, Owner/ CEO

Kelly is the leader and owner of Clay for Kids.  A lifelong entrepreneur, finding Clay for Kids was a dream come true because it brought together her love of art, education and business.  What struck Kelly as the most special thing about Clay for Kids was how excited people are to participate in the classes and how much the art projects are cherished for years to come.

What Kelly loves most is bringing a special event to the classrooms, working with children to bring out their creativity through the clay and glass.  Kelly lives in Calgary with her husband and 2 sons.


Jennifer Ross, Instructor

Jennifer earned a certificate in floral design from Olds College in 1989 and spent 25 years in the floral industry.  Looking for a career change Jennifer joined Clay for Kids in 2015.  It was a perfect fit, the opportunity to work with children while still allowing her to be creative.  “I’ve always loved working with my hands and getting dirty.  I took pottery classes several years ago and fell in love with it but the time restraints of raising young children didn’t allow me to continue.  Now that my children are grown and moved away I have time to rediscover my love of pottery”.
“Seeing the excitement in their eyes as I watch a child transform a ball of clay into a beautiful piece of art is very rewarding”.  Every day is an adventure, a new school, a different project and enthusiastic kids to work with.

Rachel Boschman, Instructor

Raised in an artistic home where imagination was encouraged, Rachel often wondered why almost every child paints, draws, or colours something creative all the time but almost no adults do.  She decided to make it a goal to keep that creative joy alive in the children that she knew so started teaching kids in her community how to sculpt.

When Rachel found out about Clay for Kids, she knew that it was the perfect career choice!!!  Not only teaching something educational and on curriculum, but also reminding children how to reach into their own imaginations and express themselves with their clay and glass pieces.

“I love how children sometimes start out doubting that they can make something amazing, but by the end of the class, they have fallen in love with their own piece, and claim it to be the best one they’ve ever seen”.  Rachel loves to inspire her classes and hopes that they will take that love of creativity with them as they march into adulthood.

Natalie Cole, Instructor

My love and passion for creativity stems within a deep-rooted belief and calling, that it is my purpose to inspire the joy and connection, developed through the process of art.

My journey as an artist & teacher began over 10 years ago when I had the opportunity to create a therapeutic arts based program for children and youth living in a group home. It taught them the fundamentals of photography using creative assignments to support their skills and express themselves through the photo’s they took. This experience then guided me to attend school in Barcelona, Spain, where my focus continued in the therapeutic arts as well as contemporary art. Allowing me to gain the skills and insight into the practice and experience of using the arts as a gateway to my own growth & development. Upon my return I volunteered in the therapeutic arts centre at The Children’s Hospital, and became an Early Childhood Educator teaching both Montessori & Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Through out my experience I have come to learn and strongly believe in the power of creativity. Learning through an expressive process that allows children and adults to communicate their thoughts & feelings, connecting us with our own inner language, and knowledge, enabling us to discover a wisdom deep inside that will transform our lives and well-being.

Find out more about Natalie here.

This Could Be You! Birthday Party Instructor

Anh Hilderman, Studio Technician

Anh is a highly organized wife and mother of two.  Her hobbies include cooking, baking and reading.  She volunteers at her children’s school and manages the fun lunch program.  Anh is passionate about giving back to the community and enjoys spending time with her family.

Anh recently joined Clay for Kids in 2019.

Bryson Smith, Owner/ Chief Information Officer

Bryson is our I.T. guy and behind the scenes ninja with all things computer security, data analytics and cloud computing.

Bryson and Kelly acquired Clay for Kids in 2018.


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Office hours Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:00pm


To celebrate art, develop new artists, and bring a fun clay and glass fusion experience to people of all ages.

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